The best of the world of fables and cartoons in one and the same proposal!.

La Fontaine turns film-maker: The Crow and the Fox

Dir. Pascal Adant / Belgium / 6’

Jean de La Fontaine wants to direct a film of his version of the famous fable of The Crow and the Fox. But… has he chosen the right actors for the job? Did he do the right casting?

Festivals: Festival international du court-métrage de Clermont-Ferrand; Chicago International Children’s Film Festival; Festival Européen du Film Court de Brest.


Dir. Frits Standaert / France / 7’ 30’’

In the calm of the jungle, an unusual noise scares the animals who panic one after the other; as the rumour spreads, their behaviour becomes increasingly irrational.

Festivals: Anima, Bruxelles; Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo; Giffoni Film Festival; Cartoon Club, Rimini; Mecal International Short Film Festival; Melbourne International Animation Festival.


The Law of the Jungle

Dir. Pascale Hecquet / France and Belgium / 6’

Three monkeys all want the same banana. The little monkey will have to think of a plan to make sure that he is the one that finally eats the delicious fruit!

Festivals: New York International Children’s Film Festival; TIFF Kids International Film Festival; Cinekid, Amsterdam; BFI London Film Festival; Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.


La Fontaine turns documentary film-maker: The Frog that wished to be as big as the Ox

Dir. Pascal Adant / Belgium / 6’

A false animated documentary based on La Fontaine’s famous literary fable in which an envious Frog tries to become as big as an Ox.

Festivals: El Meu Primer Festival; Festival de Cinéma en famille, Québec; Festival International de Films Fantasia, Montréal; Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur.

La poule, l'éléphant et le serpent

Dir. Fabrice Luang-Vija / France / 5’

Take three animals, in the farm, in the desert and in the jungle. Put them together, although the meeting seems improbable. And you’ll have the moral of the tale.

Festivals: FICFA – Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie, Moncton (Canada); Filmets – Badalona Film Festival; Cinanima, Espinho.

The Penguin

Dir. Pascale Hecquet / France / 5’ 19’’

A penguin finds life in the North Pole too chilly for its liking and decides to go to the tropics. He dreams of basking in the sun! But it is very hot in the tropics and all the fruit is giving him a stomach ache.

Festivals: Festival international du court métrage de Clermont-Ferrand; Dotdotdot – Short Film Festival Vienna; Zinemaldia, Bilbao; Kineko. International Children’s Film Festival Tokio; KUKI – International Short film Festival for Children and Youth, Berlin.